Submit That Art!

So you are sitting there on your computer. You have an epiphany and realize that you can't go another second without taking advantage of the deals that Fourth Shift has to offer. You have a design and you think to yourself "Hell. How do I submit this?". Take a deep breath and relax. It's really easy.


We can work with pretty much anything. We can tweak your designs a bit too if you would like. However, we prefer that you have your artwork ready to go in files compatible with Photoshop or Illustrator. We prefer that you have them adjusted to the actual size you want the print to be. If your design is multiple colors, we prefer that you send it to us in layers. If you can't do this, we will do our best to help out. Email your art in an attachment / Google Drive / Dropbox link to We will get you taken care of.


You don't have art? You just have the idea of the century? We can work with you to help your dreams come true. While we are by no means graphic artists, we know the basics. Just ask! We don't bite (hard).