Fourth Shift Printing. All about the love.


This is usually the part on a website where a company tries to talk themselves up. So lets see what I can do. My name is Ryan. Since I was 13 years old, all I've ever wanted to do was play music. As I grew older and actually started being able to travel around the world playing music, I learned that for better or worse, merchandise is an incredibly important part of a band's existence. Whether it be a local band that is trying to raise money for equipment or a touring band trying to keep a full tank of gas and stress to a minimum. Printing your band's name on something is the best way to achieve this. My goal with Fourth Shift Printing is to not only be able to handle all of my projects in house, but to offer the best deal I can for young and old bands alike. While we will print for anyone, we aim to specialize in our fellow friends in the arts.

Even after 13 years of touring in a band, coming home and finding work is still a struggle. Fourth Shift is a way for me to come home and produce a variety of products for my peers and keep myself busy without having to stress about finding a temporary job. On top of that, I am able to take it one step further. I have trained my lovely partner in crime Ranae to be able to handle the business when I am not around. Ranae is a real person with a real job. She may not have time to handle everything. So to top it off, Fourth shift also aims to train and employ our friends and family who may be a little down on their luck employment wise, in between jobs or just looking for a little something extra on the side. 

We are starting small and hope to be able to grow and continue to not only employ the ethics learned from the lifestyle I've chosen, but hope to also show that it IS possible to be comfortable financially by working harder rather than gouging prices.